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Brain & Spine Neurosurgical Institute is a private neurosurgical practice with a multi-disciplinary approach to spine care.

Our team of specialists from neurosurgery to interventional pain management are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for back and neck pain. This collaboration between specialties ensures that our patients receive a thorough approach to their care - all within one practice.

We believe that the best spine care is achieved through collaboration. Whether you are a patient or provider, we invite you to experience the collaborative advantage of BSNI.


Patient Testimonials

"I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Das and the staff at the Brain & Spine Neurosurgical Institute. I went to my initial consultation, and felt immediately at ease. This was my first surgery, and I was extremely impressed with my level of care." 

"I was walking the next day after surgery, which amazed me.  The doctor and everyone that worked with him made the experience great."

"I had shooting pains in my back 24/7 and since the surgery I haven't had any pain.  Dr. Das and everyone that works with him were wonderful and professional." 

"What a wonderful team Dr. Das has put together-from the secretary to the nurses.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a neurosurgeon." 

"Great group of people, top-notch doctor and nurses!"                                       

"I don't understand how anyone could do what they did for me, I haven't had any pain since the surgery-I was up and walking around the same day of surgery, and I am doing things I did before I was injured. In fact, I'm doing whatever I want!"                                                         

"I am feeling good after my fusion.  I couldn't walk before, but I am walking steadily now and the pain is completely gone!"                                    

"I woke up from the surgery and knew instantly that I had no pain, I was back to work just 3 days before my check up appointment.  When I had the microdiscectomy, I was very nervous and everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable, they were all great!"

"I was referred to Dr. Das and we decided to go ahead with surgery because I had been in a lot of pain.  Now, I am planning a trip to a country I have never seen before because I am no longer in any pain!" 

"Before coming to Brain & Spine, I had seen multiple doctors who weren't able to pin point my problem, and when I saw the nurse practitioner working with Dr. Das, she immediately diagnosed me.  Surgery was a great, life-changing decision, and when I woke up, I knew right away it had worked."

"They were thorough, right to the point, and I was very impressed.  I am doing more than I expected I would be after surgery at Brain & Spine Neurosurgical Institute."

"I went to see Dr. Das, and he was able to do surgery, despite complications in my spine.  I am able to walk now and I am doing physical therapy multiple times a week to strengthen my legs!"

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